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Buckle Up, HR!

Well, summer is almost over, and we are now looking forward to September and back to school for many families. What we thought would be full speed ahead back to school, work, and routine is now looking like a rough ride with increased testing requirements and an increasing number of workplaces considering COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

The challenge for human resources is to help our leadership navigate this rocky path as we find a balance between vaccine status and the health and well-being of employees and customers.

Human Resources can not lose focus on the engagement of our employees and avoid high turnover rates as we adjust to the new climate of Covid vaccines. Recruitment has never been more complicated and competitive. Every change we implement may impact our future recruitment and retention.

As we guide our leadership team, how do we balance health and safety and varying personal choices on vaccinations while maintaining a competitive position? We offer four steps that may help you navigate this rough road:

  1. Meet with your leadership team and discuss and develop a solid strategy of where the organization stands about Covid vaccines. Ask the team: will we mandate, incentivize, and/or penalize?

  2. Communicate this strategy to your managers, supervisors, and employees. Be prepared to answer the why questions.

  3. Identify the critical positions and ensure you have trained qualified personnel to back up these roles in case of turnover.

  4. Revise your recruitment strategy to match your policies.

We know the road is rocky, so Buckle Up HR and lead your team as only HR can!

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