Who We Are

In 2019, Joanmarie M. Dowling founded Clarity HR Solutions LLC to support employers of varying sizes and industries, help organizations develop strong employee relations practices, and create efficiencies in HR practices.


Our Staff


Sheridian Aiken, SPHR

Sheridian Aiken, SPHR joined Clarity in 2020.  Sherry has over 30 years in Human Resources, working on a variety of HR projects and initiatives, both tactical and strategic.  She led one organization through a major acquisition, two operating location closures, and the integration of new locations. She has supported several operating locations through change management as they were acquired, adapting to a new culture and systems. She brings a diverse strategic background in both labor and non-union organizations. In addition, Sherry has a strong background in recruitment, training, and strategic planning, including succession, performance, and talent development. Sherry has had responsibilities for multiple operating locations and provided support for leadership.