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Whether you have an HR team or you are an HR "party of one," Clarity HR Solutions can assist organizations of all industries and sizes with their Human Resource needs.  Need some help and don't see it listed here? Feel free to contact us!

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Employee Handbook, Policies, and Procedures

 The constantly changing business and legal landscape requires employers to re-evaluate employment policies and practices on a regular basis. 

Clarity can help your organization create new policies or revise existing policies that have a proactive focus and support positive employee relations.  In addition, Clarity can also assist with implementation of new HR policies to ensure all employees are well-versed in the expectations and implications of new employment laws.  Finally, Clarity can help your organization evaluate current HR functions and address deficiencies or help you create new ones.

Performance Management, Coaching, and Discipline

Creating a workplace culture that provides clear and compassionate responses to employee behavioral and performance issues is a critical component of employee engagement and retention. 

Clarity can assist your organization with determining the correct tools and methods to address employee corrective action.

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Succession Planning, Development, and Mentoring

Having a succession plan is a necessary part of workforce planning in any organization.  Let Clarity help your organization create a succession plan with tools and best practices for the mentoring and development of emerging talent within your organization.


Clarity prides itself on providing engaging and workplace-specific training in a variety of HR topics.  Learn proactive practices that will equip your managers with clear understanding and tools they can apply. 

Topics tailored to your organization include workplace conduct (including required NYS anti-harassment training), conducting effective interviews and onboarding, managing employee performance, workplace investigations, 

understanding collective bargaining agreements, leave management, and team building.

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Change Management and Restructuring

Organizations, large and small,  must adapt to an ever-changing world and economy.  Clarity can assist your organization to evaluate HR efficiencies and craft new systems, policies and procedures for better HR functions. 

In addition, Clarity can assist your organization with mergers and acquisitions, or closures through restructuring and business closure support.  Clarity provides workforce analysis and assessment of business needs and Human Resource policies, procedures, processes, benefits, and organizational culture to ensure a successful organizational transition. Lastly, Clarity can review your business’ branding standards to ensure compliance with social media and other branding guidelines.

Operationalizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (D, E, & I) in the Workplace

Your organization may have had D, E, & I workshops but may not know how to put the concepts into practice to create a sustainable business model that will impact your business and community. 

Clarity can help your organization evaluate and put into place those principles you’ve learned and assist your organization to align D, E, & I goals effectively with business objectives, employee recruitment and retention.

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