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Why Can’t I Hire? Recruiting in Hiring Drought

Is it a tough job market out there or WHAT?! Finding the right person to hire is a lot like online dating. You’ve got all these details to think about:

  • your profile information (should I highlight my passion for taxidermy?),

  • your photo (is 80’s style rocker hair coming back, or do I need to update my look?)), and

  • finally, the really big question: what the heck am I looking for?

As you consider your next hires, we thought you might need some tips to sharpen up your hiring practices. Things to consider in a tough market:

Revisit your hiring process - Lets be honest: it’s time to review your hiring process and consider what’s working and what isn’t. If you’ve never created a process - now’s the time.

Consider your branding - What’s the message behind your brand? Does it clearly express your values? Your organization’s mission? Is the branding consistent across all digital platforms, printed materials, signage? Would applicants have an idea of what is important to you as an employer?

Take a hard look at salary & benefits - The more competitive the market, the better your salary and benefits have to be. Period. No time like the present to shore up salaries and/or benefits with a careful look at your current budget and resources.

Remember that the applicant is in the driver’s seat (no, really!) - Find out what people need to come work for you and to be successful. Do they need childcare? Transportation? An EAP program? Skills sets? How much of this can you, as an employer, provide or mitigate to help remove barriers to your workplace?

Consider diversity, equity, and inclusion - What does your workforce look like? Who’s missing? Where haven’t you posted your job openings? Is your workplace welcoming and accessible to all? Is your hiring platform or process screening folks out prematurely?

Check in on how your current employees are doing - What hiring suggestions do they have? Why do they stay with you? Does your job posting, website, and social media reflect these views? A Stay Survey can be an excellent tool to understand your key selling points - and reduce the risk of regrettable resignations!

Whew! Hopefully this short list gives you a place to start and some ideas to begin working on to improve your recruitment and hiring efforts. If you need some help evaluating or revising your hiring process, please reach out to a member of the Clarity HR team!

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